About us

Get to know Basotho Heart.


Living and working in different parts of South Africa has meant that we have only gotten to enjoy traditional, home-style ginger beer at special events, typically when we are back at home.

We started Basotho Heart because we want to celebrate khemere (ginger beer), which we grew up with and love, by making it accessible and readily available nationwide and eventually, worldwide.

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Founded in August 2015 by 3 cousins, Basotho Heart is an expression and celebration of our African heritage.  Food and drink are an important part of a typical celebration or get-together, some of the most common being: mekete (celebrations), mafu (funerals), manyalo (weddings) and mekhatlo (clubs/societies). 

Traditional ginger beer is one of the common threads that run through these types of events, particularly in Lesotho, where we’re from.


We are thankful for the various press opportunities. Here are some of the most recent ones:

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